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21 Reasons Why Dream Interpretation is Essential

Author: Christina Sponias

How to properly interpret the meaning of your own dreams is essential for many reasons. Here I’m going to present a few of them, just to give you an idea of its potential.

1. Your dreams are not meaningless images. In your dreams you receive many messages. Therefore, you must learn how to understand them. Perhaps they can save your life!

2. Your dreams are your own; nobody else can see or distort them. You are the sole owner of this resource and the messages you receive are given only to you and created especially for you and nobody else. Each one sees different dreams with situations and personalities that are familiar to them, even if the themes of many dreams are the same.

Thus, your dreams contain private messages.

3. You see dreams every time you sleep, without asking or paying for them. They are a gift you receive from the wise unconscious mind.

4. I continued Carl Jung’s research into the unknown region of the psyche through dream interpretation. If you translate your dreams using my simplified version of Carl Jung’s method, you will receive information and guidance regarding the most important points of your life from the ancient, saintly and perfect unconscious mind that regulates the functioning of your body. This information is not from a human source with dubitable knowledge or from someone who could distort this knowledge on purpose for selfish reasons.

5. After learning how to correctly interpret your dreams, you will have this knowledge forever and will be able to interpret your dreams all you life. This means that you will have guidance and help forever from the unconscious.

6. You will develop your intelligence by developing your conscience from the guidance in your dreams. This way, you will always be more intelligent until you become a genius, able to solve any problem with ease.

7. You will be able to interpret the facts and events of daily life in the same way you interpret your dreams. Everything around you can inform you about yourself, other people and the future if you know how to translate the symbolic meaning of reality just as you translate that of dreams.

8. You will be able to change the future after predicting its development and correcting your mistakes. Everything that happens to you is strictly related to your personality and behavior. You can rectify errors and prepare the future you desire, with the positive results you wish to see.

9. The mysterious language used by the unconscious mind is incomprehensible to the conscience because of the presence of the anti-conscious, in addition to your conscious. The anti-conscious constantly tries to destroy your conscious mind through craziness and it would distort the guidance of avoiding the traps of the anti-conscious and staying far from the labyrinth of craziness.

10. If you never learn how to interpret your dreams, you will never completely develop your conscious mind and live threatened by the crazy content inherent in the anti-conscious. This has not transformed via consciousness and it wishes to destroy the conscious to make you insane. This is the worse danger of your life, since you will never be cured of insanity unless you pass through a thousand crucifixions.

11. By interpreting your dreams, you can prevent depression, neurosis, hysteria, psychosis, schizophrenia, suicidal tendencies and all existent mental illnesses. All these diseases are caused by the anti-conscience that can be transformed into a positive part of your psyche, instead of constantly bearing this enemy within you because it constantly tries to destroy your conscience through craziness.

12. You will also be cured from several diseases in your body by interpreting your dreams. All somatic diseases have a psychological cause because everything that happens to you depends on your attitude.

13. You can communicate with the unconscious and be able to ask whatever you wish to learn. You would receive answers to your questions from this source that is actually the wisest existent source in our world and even beyond our world.

14. You will discover proofs of the existence of God, who regulates the functioning of the unconscious and is responsible for the world’s artistic, philosophical and religious actions. You will understand that you are blessed since you are in contact with the wisdom of the creator of our planet. You will realize that Earth is really a place where you have to transform your psyche, so that you may be calm and able to live happily, without provoking wars and destruction.

15. You’ll be able to understand how other people think, feel and sense, analyzing their personalities in your dreams just as you analyze your own. This information you receive is priceless and unique. This way you’ll be able to understand everyone’s personalities and how to behave with them. You can avoid relationships with people who have a psychological type different to yours and who will never be able to understand you. You will safely find the right person for you, etc.

16. You will always receive advice and be prepared when something very important is going to happen. You will not face reality with complete ignorance of everything, such as you do now.

17. You can discover many things helped by the unconscious, finding solutions for your work, daily life and everything else that interests you, thanks to the guidance from a valid and positive resource that will surely help you and the world you live in. This is a resource that cares for all of humanity. It’s not a product of your ego or of anyone else’s ego.

18. You’ll discover a fascinating occupation, which is better than the Internet or any game, since you will decipher the hidden meaning of your own dreams. You will translate the exact meaning of the mysterious messages. This is like putting together the pieces of a huge puzzle that leads you to another window of knowledge and other levels of comprehension.

19. You can become a genius and predict your future and understand the personalities of people around you and how to protect yourself or succeed in your plans. All this vision and knowledge together will transform you into a very wise person with a very strong personality. When you reach this level (can be achieved after one year of dream interpretation, depending on your efforts) your reality will have another meaning for you because you won’t be ignorant like others. You will understand your responsibility for being wiser than others and your work in this world will certainly transform at least a small fraction of the population, so that everyone else may reach the same level of comprehension.

You’ll understand that you have the obligation to show everyone all that you know because you’ll see how ignorant everyone is and why everyone here suffers so much. You’ll become a hero and your work will be blessed. You will save not only the people who live around you but also many others from other countries. If your work is worthy, even if you live in the last mountain of the most deserted village in this world, your work will be learned by the entire world and will save the entire population. Perhaps today you cannot believe you are so special, but don’t underestimate your own capacities because when you become a genius you will see that you can do many things to help this world become a place where everyone is happy like you.

20. You won’t be afraid of anything, because you’ll have knowledge and peace. This is something you cannot assess now as you are so ignorant, your mind is so confused and you are tortured by so many problems without solutions in your daily life.

21. You’ll be truly happy and your life will have a very important positive meaning for all. You’ll always be remembered and blessed, but the important thing is that your work will really help this world become better. You will not waste your time while you are alive and you’ll leave your spirit of wisdom as a gift to others even after you are gone because your exemplary work will save many generations after yours.

Of course, there are many other reasons why you must learn how to properly interpret your dreams. This is an infinite resource of valid knowledge that can be trusted because it is not harmful: it comes from a saintly fount that only rescues and helps you in a thousand ways.

Depending on your religion and on the level of your religiosity, you may discover many other ways to apply the comprehension you acquire. If you believe in God and you are already inclined to respect religiosity, you’ll deeply understand that the communication with the unconscious is in fact communication with God, which will purify your soul.

You must connect the scientific reality with your religious conceptions, according to your religion. The same God created all existent religions that believe in goodness, trying to teach it to our violent psyche through many different ways, since this is a very difficult mission.

The bitter truth is that God created our planet to transform our demoniac conscience into a human conscience, but only a very tiny fraction of our conscience has human characteristics. We have to help God help us develop our conscience by following the directions of the unconscious mind. We receive this guidance in our dreams, our reality, in religious teachings and in many other manifestations of wisdom.

If you are an atheist you’ll have the opportunity to understand the scientific explanation for the existence of God as the most developed conscience, which is so old that its age cannot be determined. This conscience is a phenomenon as it has managed to differentiate itself from its violent and wild origin.

Only one conscience could do that, which is obvious since it was really impossible, considering that in the beginning God was also a demoniac conscience just like all the others.

Since the first conscience appeared in the universe by chance, it turned to be a disaster: a real demon. It was reproduced and many others appeared. God was one of them but He managed to tame the anti-conscience and discover goodness and wisdom.

However, until today He was not able to teach the entire humanity that only goodness and compassion could help us discover mental and physical health, peace, happiness, love, self-esteem, joy and always success in all fields of our life.

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